I did a talk. That's it. I did my first talk about web development to about 100 students of STI Novaliches. The feeling was a mixture of tense and excitement.

It was for our school organization event Into The Cloud: Seminar + Code Camp. A whole-day event about Web and Android development. We did the seminar in the morning, and code camp in the afternoon.


Me doing the talk

There I gave them the glimpse of Developer Tools inside the Chrome browser. I demonstrated how to use it to debug and test elements and styles in a web page. The outline of my talk is:

  • Structures in HTML
    • Elements, tags, attributes, and contents
    • Parent-children
    • Siblings
    • ID vs Class
  • CSS
    • Selectors
    • Selector precedence
    • Multiple selectors
    • Properties
    • Tricks
    • Flexbox (I decided to give an introduction to flexbox instead of the traditional methods to accomplish the styles it provide because it was easier to demonstrate and understand, and is also now widely supported)

I did not give much of the attention to JavaScript. I only showed them a simple alert() function because yeah, JavaScript is a mess.

Done with my web development topic follows the Android development topic of my software engineering teacher Mr. John Clement EscobaƱez.


Mr. Escobanez talking about Android

It started with the discussion of the history of Android, its features, its uses, and where it is being used right now to the live demonstration of building an Android app.

Before the break, we opened a mini quiz game for the participants where they answer questions of easy, medium, and hard difficulty to earn points to get to the leaderboard and receive prizes from us.


Students playing the game

The game is a web app where players catch flying clouds of differing sizes, and answer the multiple choice question to gain points.

The code for the quiz game is open source! github.com/pinodex/itsa-quiz.

All in all, the event can be considered a success. Thanks to the participants, committee, and the teachers who supported the event.


Code camp completers

Also thanks to the Information Technology Students Association officers:

  • Girish Daloso
  • Kimberly Laran
  • Karla Shane Laran
  • Neil Patrick De Leon
  • Jose Juan Jeremiah Relova
  • Zeaven Jovertte Manalastas