During my high-school and college days, I've created several projects for my school to be used by students, faculties, and school events.  This has helped me gain experience while also providing something helpful for other people. It was fun.

San Bartolome High School Website

This actually started as a class project, but later discovered and was endorsed by our school principal.

sbhs.ph, 2014

It was built with Silex framework and went live on sbhs.ph (now defunct). It had a fully working CMS with homepage banner management, announcement management, site posts management, gallery management, and event calendar mangement.

The website also pulled latest post from the school publication websites via their RSS feeds which are hosted on Blogger.

The source is available at https://github.com/pinodex/sbhs.ph. Unfortunately, I lost the database schema for this website. There were no database migrations.

Student Information System for STI Novaliches

College has started and I've got the opportunity to rebuild the existing grades viewing system for the school which was written in classic ASP.

STI Novaliches Student Information System, Admin UI, 2016

The purpose is to let teachers upload their student grades, and allow students to view their grades online. Simple system which relies on the XLSX file (grading sheet) uploaded by the teachers, parsed, and saved to the database.

And if I remembered correctly, this was also the first project where I used Vue.js (and it's 1.0!) for JUST a simple modal and tab switching.

It was built with Laravel 5.2 and the source is available at https://github.com/pinodex/sti-novaliches-sis.

STI Novaliches Employee Portal

The second in my college school project, an employee portal for faculties and staffs of the school.

Its primary purpose is to let faculties and staffs file leaves online to be approved by their respective department heads, and provide an easy way to track their leave credits.

In addition to that, it also features a hierarchy of approval where a leave request is approved by multiple persons in a hierarchical manner.

Users receive an email notification whenever a leave request is filed, approved, declined, or escalated.

On-boarding users are easy with the import tool.

It was built with Laravel 5.4 and the source is available at https://github.com/pinodex/sti-novaliches-tas.

STI Novaliches Student Government Election

I had the opportunity to build the first automated student government election for our school. The write-up can be found here.

It allowed the students to vote their candidates for the student government. Students were given a code which is randomly generated and given after they have presented their ID to the voting officers.

After entering the code, they were presented with a step-by-step choices of candidates per position. Candidate placing were also randomized in the interface.

After selecting their choices, they are given an overview of their ballot and a confirmation button for their votes to be submitted and counted by the server.

It had a simple administration interface to set the election data, including the positions, the candidates, the students, and to generate the election results. Of course they are protected based on the level of access control the voting officer has.

The architecture is server-client.

The server was built with Node.js and AdonisJS and served http for the administration pages and websockets for the clients.

The client was built with AngularJS 1.0 and Electron. It was packaged and deployed to the computers we borrowed from our computer laboratory.

I published a write-up before talking about this election system: Making The First STI College Novaliches' Student Government Automated Elections

The server source is at https://github.com/pinodex/sti-novaliches-secv-server and the client source is at https://github.com/pinodex/sti-novaliches-secv-client.

Mr. and Ms. STI Novaliches Online Voting

Another event I developed a project for. Our school does talent search every year with Mr. and Ms STI Novaliches being one of the competitions aside from the Battle of the Bands, Dance Competition, and more.

In Mr. and Ms. STI Novaliches, we had a kind of "most voted online candidate" award and this project was built to know whoever that is.

Votes are visible and updated in real-time. Candidates positioning and categories (Mr. STI and Ms. STI) were also randomized to increase distribution.

It was built with Node.js and AdonisJS. The code is at https://github.com/pinodex/sti-novaliches-mrmsv.


This was a good look back on how I learned and progressed as a student and a developer.